Morocco is a country of contrast, magic and timeless wonders. It is blessed with rich nourishing land and mountain snows; beaches and desert and lush oases. Its ancient mosques, synagogues, souks, churches and kasbah exist in harmony with ultra modern cities. It is an exotic blend of Berber, Arabic, Jewish and European cultures.

It is within the true Moroccan tradition that we take the great honor to share this experience with you.  Your host Abdelfettah El Akkari welcomes you to Marakesh, where our Moroccan born chef is pleased to bring his expertise from the Heart of Morocco to the Heart of New Jersey.

Marakesh Restaurant is a marvelous magnificently reproduced palace with the authentic architecture, carvings, tiles, paintings and crafts which resulted from twelve centuries of development of Arabic art.

Our cuisine is presented in a fashion that enhances its surroundings. It is considered by many culinary experts and famous chefs to be among the top three cuisine's in the world.

Visit us and enjoy!